Download ACI firmware via WGET

In release 1.1(4e) was a bug present that caused issues with uploading/downloading firmware via the GUI.

A workaround is using WGET from the APIC CLI and download the firmware from a http server to the /tmp directory

After downloading just use the “firmware repository” command to add the firmware to the repository.

After doing this, you can use the GUI to upgrade the firmware for the APIC and switches, as you were used to.


apic1# cd /tmp
apic1# ls
bootflash flashenc logrotate.status vrf-init.log vrf-set-spineproxy.log
apic1# pwd

apic1# wget
–2016-01-03 16:50:06–
Connecting to… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 558322599 (532M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: `aci-n9000-dk9.11.2.1k.bin’

58% [======================================================================================> ] 327,484,640 1.81M/s eta 2m 5s h100%[====================================================================================================================================================>] 558,322,599 1.81M/s in 5m 0s

2016-01-03 16:55:06 (1.77 MB/s) – `aci-n9000-dk9.11.2.1k.bin’ saved [558322599/558322599]

apic1# firmware
repository upgrade
apic1# firmware repository
add delete
apic1# firmware repository add aci-n9000-dk9.11.2.1k.bin
Syncing… might take a bit if the image is large or many pending filesystem buffers
Firmware image aci-n9000-dk9.11.2.1k.bin is added to the repository



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