Registration..Cisco Live 2017

My first session started 8 am, and because I got in at 11 pm I had to do the registration early today. All went smooth!

First session was the TECCCDE-3005 CCDE technical session. It is an 8 hour session about both the CCDE written and practical exam. I am preparing a blog post about this session and I will post it by the end of the week.

In the evening we visited the Fremont Experience, but it was just too hot to stay long.

Ready for Cisco Live US 2017

Finally..again…I am going to Las Vegas for Cisco Live!

I’ll be traveling from Amsterdam and will arrive at 7:30pm. I’ll be staying at the Luxor, right next to the Manadalay Bay convention center. It will be a 15 minute walk every day to get there.

So of course I’m wearing my fitbit 🙂

Today I’ll meetup with some Brazilian friends and have (probably) some steak for dinner 🙂

tomorrow I have a 8 hour session called: TECCCDE-3005: CCDE: The Cisco Certified Design Expert

Because I am preparing for the CCDE exam this is the perfect session (they say)

So keep an eye on my blog, as I will be posting a lot this week!!

Michel van Kessel

Scott and Brad

Quick Recap:

implementing NSX. – business wants to be Amazon-like. Do more with less. Abstract, Pool,Automation is key. Across compute networking and storage.

Both need access to same environment. how?

RBAC, integration with AD groups

Modify existing role for network admins and server admins are administrator

1. restrict per DVS. NSX groups for Network Admins. VMkernels, system traffic, etc for Server admins.

> network folder, modify permissions,

2. RBAC with a single DVS (preferred methode)

> just give read-only on a portgroup level to network admins. (like vmotion, mgmt, nfs, etc)

On a VM level, RBAC on VM’s. Network admins get access on Folder level (F5, LB, NSX). Server admin get no access/read-only

TEX2254 VMworld 2014 Barcelona

Quick Recap:

A lot of customers want to be Amazon-like. SDDC is a used for this. NSX is the SDN part of the SDDC model.

NSX momentum, over 150 customers.

How are these customers using NSX today: Three main use cases

1. Self-Service IT (Portal) – DevOps Cloud and On-boarding M&A

2. Data Center Automation – Micro-segmentation of App – Simplifying Compute Silo

3. DMZ Deployments

NSX is not a product, it is a platform. how?

Operations, Security, Physical + Virtual (L2 L3 gateway) Application Delivery (LB, Wan Optimization)

Service Insertion through Gateway, VTEP.




VMware NSX Distributed Firewall

Quick recap:

The VMware NSX Distributed Firewall can be used for micro-segmentation. There are no choke points and there is scale-out performance up to 20 Gbps.

It acts like firewall on the vNic. Each vNic has it’s own rule set. Performance is close to line-rate. Traffic Redirection is possible to 3th party.

Of course there is the Rest API.

DFW is a stateful engine.  During a VMotion the state table is migrated tand is in place before the VM arrives on the destination host